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20,000 words, 3 acts, countless hours, 1 dream


Symphonie Fantastique

Set in a distopian, Art Deco future in which chips, neural interface implants, define day-to-day reality, Symphonie Fantastique combines a sprawling love story with a high tech thriller as our protagonists reject the world they live in and set out to create their own.


Nominated for best long form screenplay in the 2013 Diamond Screen Film Festival


The manic pixie dream girl trope is prevasive within "indie" rom-coms.  This underwritten, underdeveloped female character serves as the prop that improves the life of a miserable male lead.  Shunpiking takes that trope and turns it on its head.  Picture Garden State walking down a dark alley only to get jumped by Blue Valentine.


A short screenplay about the struggles of a marine attempting to acclimate to life after a traumatic tour in Afghanistan. 


A short screenplay about a banker who has lost his ability to make memories and his struggle to define himself before he forgets who he is.

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